Literary Coaching

Do you have a novel project in mind, but you don’t know where to start? Do you keep a diary and would like to use it to write fiction? Or maybe you’ve just experienced something extraordinary that you’d like to share with readers? Or perhaps you already have several chapters of a book, but you feel stuck?

Literary coaching sessions are for you!

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What Is Literary Coaching?

We know how lonely writing can get. Literary coaching is an opportunity to team up, share your doubts and desires, and work together on your manuscript. Sometimes it’s when you describe your plot to someone that you find the answer to the questions that have been bothering you for weeks—what should Gertrude yell back to her friend in the climactic scene? Which scene should I pick to start Chapter Three? What does Paul discover by the end of the story, and how does that change him? Just like the writing exercises that I offer in workshop, these literary coaching sessions focus on character psychology. Before anything else, writing is about understanding what drives your heroes, what leads them to act and make the decisions they make. And often, it’s during a conversation that you’ll find the right line of dialogue, the necessary gesture, the vivid detail that will bring your characters to life.

Literary coaching is not a miraculous solution – getting lost in the maze of your story is also a key step of the writing process! – but offers you one-on-one guidance—coaching, reviewing, consulting services adapted to your working pace and designed to best meet the needs of your work-in-progress.

Questions You Might Have...

With How Many Writers Do You Work?

Literary coaching sessions follow the rhythm of the seasons. To ensure quality, I work with a maximum of four writers per fall (September to December), spring (February to May) and summer (June to August).

How often do we meet?

A minimum of a week must pass between sessions—so that you’ve time to write! The sessions can be weekly, bimonthly or monthly. It’s up to you.

How long does one session last?

Usually one hour, although some writers prefer to discuss their writing for an hour and half, or two hours. You decide!

What’s your privacy policy?

Confidentiality is a top priority. Our writing tells a lot about us: I’m well aware that sharing your pieces and discussing them with me is an act of trust. Your writing stays between you and me!

What happened if I miss a session?

No worries. We reschedule it. Just let me know ahead of time: consultations canceled within less than twenty-four hour before the confirmed session will be charged.

What if I don’t find the answer to my question here?

Don’t hesitate to reach out here:

How Does It Work?


Each session starts with a quick review of all the writing materials you’ve produced since the last consultation. We also discuss how you wrote it—in other words, we chat about your writing routine. You can’t write a book if you don’t have time to sit and type: these literary coaching sessions are also an opportunity to figure out, together, what kind of writing routine works best for you so that you can make your writing fit in your busy schedule (yes, it’s possible!).

Areas for Revision

I offer thorough feedback and suggest areas for revision to help you revise what you wrote and rethink what you had planned on writing. I also ask you specific questions about plot points, characterization, the motivations of your heroes, tension build-up, etc.

Writing Exercises

Depending on the topics of the day, I offer you various writing exercises designed to help you tackle the suggested areas for revision.


You share with me your doubts, ideas, intentions—any thoughts that crossed your mind and that you’ve made note of (or not) over the past few days. You tell me what your main character might answer to her mother’s accusation in the following chapter, the structure that seems most coherent for the second half of your novel, the point of view switch that you are considering. Or you simply tell me about the story that is close to your heart—without overthinking it, just how it comes to you—and we think together about the shape that it could take.

In-Between Session Consulting

You can reach out to me between sessions (a maximum of 3 messages between 2 consultations) if you have any questions, if you need an extra writing exercise, or if you’re stuck. I’m here to help!

Written Feedback

You can send me one excerpt of your choice (max 800 words) per session, before our appointment. We’ll discuss it together and I’ll provide you with written feedback, which you’ll receive at the end of the consultation. This feedback is included in the hourly rate mentioned below.

To Sum Up...

Free Initial Assessment

Half an hour to review your writing project and set goals together

Secure Online Payment with PayPal

3 Coaching Seasons

Sept-Dec, Feb-May, June-Aug

65 euros

A 1-hour coaching session and feedback on an 800-word piece

Customized Writing Exercises

Feedback Within 48 Hours

Online or Face-to-Face

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or at a café in Paris, it’s up to you

10% Discount for Students and Unemployed People

Max. 4 Writers per Coaching Season